The technology:

The principles of Repetitive Transpelvic Magnetic Stimulation:

Cellvital Pulse is a high-tech therapeutic innovation that uses magnetic induction to train the pelvic, gluteal and thigh muscles, without any direct skin contact.

–> // Built on findings showing that both the central and peripheral nervous systems respond to a high-density flux electromagnetic stimulation with an action potential, the methodology of Reptitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) to treat therapy-resistant depression (Major Depressive Disorder) that has been in use since the mid 1980’s.

Repetitive Transpelvic Magnetic Stimulation corresponds to the rTMS process.

Similar to the rTMS, rTPM exploits the physical principal of induction discovered by Michael Faraday (i.e. magnetic field generates electricity).

The electromagnetic field this generated is able to move freely across the human body. This causes depolarization of the motor nerves which causes the pelvic muscles contract at a pace determined by the frequency.

In rTMS, rapid impulses of 200-600µs -similar to that of an MRI exam with a high intensity magnetic flux (1 Tesla)- the cortex is completely stimulated, without pain, thus readapting the disrupted brain metabolism.

These universal properties have made clear the importance of using the repetitive electromagnetic induction technology with other parts of the body, for example: the muscular system.