An ingenious discovery? Or mental clarity following a brush with fate?

Dr. E. G. Fischer, a successful entrepreneur and multiple patent holder, retired to live in a cottage in Vorarlberg after suffering a stroke. Nobody could have guessed that the development of one of the most ingenious inventions in medical technology would have emerged as a result.




Magnetic field

Healed by the power of a less sophisticated electromagnetic field, he recruited an interdisciplinary research team, which includes personalities like Prof. Dr. H. King of the Technical University of Munich, the orthopedic surgeon Prof. R.O. Becker of the State University of New York and the chemist and twice Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. The result they developed was a ground-breaking action model based on electromagnetic pulses. The extremely weak magnetic fields are only used as transporters to easily convey biologically active frequencies in the form of complex information packages in each cell of our body.