The benefits of

Cellvital Puls Therapy

  • The therapy is administered to patients fully dressed and is pain-free


  • Just a few sessions are sufficient to see the first results


  • One Cellvital-Puls session includes over 100 muscular contractions. Moreover, a single rTPM contraction is ten times stronger than one active training session of the pelvic floor.


  • One therapeutic session lasts (in all programs) about 20 minutes and may be stopped and resumed at any time.


  • There is no need for a physician to attend the treatment - the process can be monitored by assisting personal.


  • The rTPM induced by Cellvital-Puls therapy ensure a faster recovery of motor abilities.


  • Cellvital-Puls therapy triggers a series of cortical reorganization processes as a consequence of the lifelong neuro-plastic properties our brains possess.