Cellvital Clinics


Cellvital Clinics AG is a company that operates in medical biophysics.

Cellvital Clinics set new standards through innovative technologies and breakthrough, hi-tech products. The cutting-edge technology development is grounded in two decades of scientific and medical research. The results are seen through international patents and extensive scientific publications. Many people rely of Cellvital Clinics and their services to maintain a better and more dynamic lifestyle. The continuing advance of science and use of the latest findings leads to more and more innovative and high-quality products for increasingly numerous and diverse applications.

The Cellvital-Puls Concept


The name Cellvital comes from acknowledging that it is not the organs nor the apparatuses in themselves that are to be hold accountable for early aging or for a given illness; the responsibility lies in the functionality of the cells and of the cell organelles that they contain. It is hence not mere coincidence that the founders and managers of Cellvital come from the field of Cell Therapy and are experienced specialists in cellular stimulation.



Dr. Gerhard Fischer

Dr.Dipl. Eng. Gerhard Fischer (founder, director, inventor, physicist and cybernetic engineer) has 30 years of experience in the biophysical medicine and magnetic technology fields.

Living 20 years longer? Physics: the medical science of tomorrow

The atom, nature’s basic unit, is at the foundation of life. Atoms are the basis of molecules, and in-turn our cells, our organs and (ultimately) our entire body. All these parts vibrate at different frequencies, that is to say: our liver vibrates as well as our lungs, heart and brain do. Thanks to modern IT technology, we can measure these vibrations and have already been able to decode many of these frequencies. Wherever there is an illness in the human body, somatic cells are disturbed in their normal functioning. To a large extent, an illness is therefore attributable to a disrupted cellular metabolism.